Experiential Marketing

Postal Nationals | HOKA ONE ONE

August 2014 - Present

In conjunction with HOKA ONE ONE we brought back the concept of the Postal Nationals. The intention of the project was to expose the high school aged runners to an up and coming shoe brand. We took an old school concept and added new school digital elements, social media, video, and virtual results to create the largest high school aged championship across any sport. HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals consists of five live events, 60 local events, 100+ team time trials, and over 500 participating teams annually. In its 5th year the program will have directly reached a total of 15,000 athletes.

From the Founder:

The challenge was to take an unconventional shoe brand and gain authenticity amongst high school runners and their coaches. We developed a program that brings a democracy to the national championship and thus attracts teams from all 50 states. Further, the incentive to post results also creates a shoe seeding program for local high school coaches. Getting HOKAs on the shoes of local high school coaches is the perfect way to impact awareness at the grassroots level.

Global Genes

January 2017 - Present

Adding Global Genes as a client is one of the most exciting new projects at Soul Focus. First, the upcoming "Rare in the Square" activation presents us with a new a challenge to create a meaningful experiential moment outside of endurance sports. While Soul Focus spearheaded numerous initiatives at the 2018 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, next year it will be leading the Global Genes education, marketing and celebration activations in association with one of the most important healthcare conferences in the world. This important pivot confirms Soul Focus is ready for any direction in the future.

From the Founder
The challenge consisted of working in a new perceived environment and industry. However, the same rules of creativity, planning and execution still reign in all event planning. Not only have we done extensive research on similar past activations, but we also brought a new "uber local" perspective to the client. This gives the industry a new look and a solid crew.

Run for the Oceans | Adidas/Match MG

June 2017

In conjunction with Match MG and our partners at Silverback Pacific we created a unique running activation in New York City for Adidas/Parley. The purpose was to highlight the new Adidas products utilizing recycled ocean plastics that were being turned into shoes and apparel. The event would include a completely sustainable 5k run for Adidas Global athletes, influencers, ambassadors, media and a limited consumer experience. The event was highlighted by a night run, synced light bands, sailing themed start/finish, massive hand painted murals, and a surprise performance by Hip Hop performing artist Pusha T.

From the Founder
The challenge for Match MG was to create a fully sustainable, high profile and premium event for one the hottest footwear brand sport. Silverback Pacific and Soul Focus were there to create the running experience, support the fabrications and the art installations. We met this challenge by turning the middle of NYC into a blue themed running wonderland.