Soul Focus Productions™ (SFP) is the new video creation arm of Soul Focus, LLC. A joint venture between HFrame Studio and Soul Focus Sports, SFP is prepared to offer a number of content production services to the greater world of sports marketing.

HFrame Studio focuses on real world storytelling, bringing over ten years of experience capturing and promoting unique sporting events. From the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run to The Wharf to Wharf road race, the CrossFit Games to the San Francisco Giants, the FLW Tour (Professional Bass Fishing) to the ASP World Tour (Professional Surfing), HFrame has the passion, knowledge, and skill to tell the story of your event in a way that reflects its unique character and soul. Combined with Soul Focus’ expertise in event management, this joint venture provides the perfect team to capture and present your event in a professional and exciting light.

Specializing in full video and film productions, SFP, is now offering the following services:

  • Full event video productions including pre-event consultations & post-production perfection.
  • Creation of sponsorship & event sales videos.
  • Host, celebrity and announcer talent provisions.
  • Commercial creation.
  • Creation of sizzle reels applicable for websites, online ads & social sharing.

These services are perfect for any event producer looking to extend the life and value of an annual event. These productions have the ability to capture and proliferate the deeper stories held within every sporting event. In the end, we will present a clear narrative and a smile to both participants and sponsors.

For more information, please contact Scott McConville at or 831-588-9215.